Use My "Best-I've-Ever-Seen" 6 step system to sell your digital products, courses & services every single day on autopilot

The 6 Step Online Launch System is for course creators, experts, mentors, coaches & service providers who want to automate their online business and generate email subscribers and sales on autopilot, FAST!

Includes my top converting funnel maps, step-by-step video instructions, and templates & scripts that have attracted 1000's of email subscribers and generated myself  and my clients thousands of dollars, every single day.






Or they think Facebook™ Ads, Landing Pages & Sales Funnels are incredibly hard to create. So they get stuck! They procrastinate, and their results are always uncertain.


You've spent YEARS learning, refining and practicing your skills as an expert in your chosen field.


You're brilliant at helping your audience overcome their problems and issues..




Like most course creators, experts, mentors, coaches & service providers, you don’t have the time... or skill... to create the effective marketing assets that give you a consistent and predictable stream of new leads and customers on autopilot.


You know that you can only grow so far sending out cold messenger requests to get new clients. You want to make a bigger impact with more people, generate more profits...


You're sick of worrying where that next client is going to come from or the rollercoaster of feast and famine that's become the norm for your business.


In order to scale a long-term sustainable online business, you need a revenue stream and a sales machine that works while you service your existing clients and nurture your new ones


You need an automated sales funnel that will do all of that heavy lifting for you.

The good news is this...

The 6 Step Online Launch System, solves all of your problems. Almost instantly!



Imagine having a system that will generate email subscribers, leads and sales on autopilot.


An automated sales machine that allows you to grow and scale your business with confidence and ease, and nurture your new customers, creating lasting bonds.


Learning how to run effective Facebook™ Ads, create landing pages that convert and build automated funnels takes thousands of hours of practice, a huge wallet and a mess of information and conflicting advice to cut through.


But do you have thousands of hours and dollars to waste? Most don't.


You need to be growing that email list and generating sales on autopilot, TODAY!



Hey :)

I'm Adam Baetu and I am well known for helping coaches, consultants, course creators, mentors & service providers succeed using Facebook™ Ads, landing pages & funnels to generate high-quality leads and sales on autopilot.


When I first started using Facebook™ for my business nearly 7 years ago, I found the learning curve incredibly steep. In fact it took me at least 6 months and cost me $30k of my own money in wasted ad spend before I knew I needed to figure this thing out properly.

I spent the next 5 years learning from some of the best tutors in the world when it comes to funnel building and Facebook™ Ads and have spent more than £100k on my own education.

Now, I have run over 39,000 Facebook™ Ads for myself and my clients and I have managed over $7m in ad spend. I only do Facebook™ Ads and build funnels directly for businesses that spend over $10K per month, and the rest of my time is spent training business owners and marketing teams on how to create high converting ads, pages and funnels that generate results on autopilot.


  • Create high-converting landing pages & funnels quickly that sell your digital products, courses and services on autopilot, WITHOUT wasting money on mistakes and expensive outsourcing.
  • Run Facebook™ Ads to drive tons of qualified, paid traffic to your landing pages and funnels WITHOUT it costing a small fortune
  • Build yourself a stunning funnel from scratch that allows you to scale WITHOUT confusion and overwhelm.



Here's what you get:

Step #1 - The Beginning

✅ I'll clarify what an online funnel is and if they are in reality complicated.

✅ You'll learn what you need to create a funnel.

✅ I'll show you what kind of funnel you need to get results immediately.

✅ You will learn how & why you need to grow an email list.

✅ You get 5 killer methods to create Lead Magnets that will attract your best prospects.

✅ I'll show you the perfect squeeze page (that converts at over 50%) and teach you how  to build it in Kartra.

✅ Using Kartra - I'll show you how to get a 30 day trial of this amazing marketing system for just $1

Once you have the basics in hand, you're going to learn how to get traffic to your funnel to start getting leads & sales. 

Step #2 - The Advertiser

✅ How to install your custom domain in Kartra.

✅ I'll show you how to understand and use the Facebook™ Ads Manager.

✅ You'll learn how to keep your ad account secure, so Facebook™ doesn't close you down.

✅ You will know which type of ads to run to get the best results. Currently there are 14 ad objectives to confuse you in the Ads Manager!

✅ Together we will create & install your Facebook™ Pixel.

✅ We will verify your domain with Facebook™.

✅ And you will learn how to create custom conversions in the Ads Manager that teach the Facebook™ algorithm what you want your ads to achieve.

Now we know how to use Facebook™ Ads Manager, we're going to learn exactly who to target our ads to and get our ads up and running, driving traffic and getting leads & sales.

Step #3 - The Sniper

✅ You will launch your Facebook™ Ad & drive traffic to your squeeze page.

✅ You'll learn how to test your audiences using the Ads Manager.

✅ I'll teach you all about retargeting using pixel & video custom audiences.

✅ Then we will create the most powerful custom audiences to advertise to in the future.

✅ You will learn who you need to show your ads to and where on the platform to show them.

✅I'll show you the targeting options in Ads Manager and how to fully understand and utilise them to get top results.

✅ You will understand the KPIs that you need to check to see if your ads are working.

Once you are getting leads you need to nurture them to turn them in high-value clients. Using email is the best and most proven way to accomplish this.

Step #4: The Builder

✅ I'll teach you how & why you need to communicate with your subscribers.

✅ You'll learn how to turn your subscribers into repeat paying customers.

✅ I'll show you what messages you need to send.

✅ And how you never need to worry about email content ever again.

✅ You will also learn how to retarget high value pages to your existing list to drive more sales (in Kartra).

✅ And you'll be able to run cart abandon campaigns (in Kartra)

Now we are going to look at offer creation, so that your ads can be paid for AND you know what to do next to create high ticket offers.

Step #5 - The Rainmaker

✅ You will learn how to pay for your Facebook Ads using the LLM Method.

✅ We are going to cover how to create those irresistible offers.

✅ You'll know how to create products, bumps, Up Sells & Down Sells in Kartra and add them to your funnel.

✅ And what you are going to sell next for higher value.

Ads aren't the only way to get high-ticket clients. I'm going to show you how to use powerful the Facebook™ Groups algorithm to smash it with groups.

Step #6: Make Money from Groups 


✅ You'll learn how to create a Facebook™️ Group the correct way.
✅ Then we will learn how to fill it with your best potential customers - who are pre-qualified!
✅ And turn those members into paying customers.

- And you don't need...

🚫 Any Budget for ads
🚫 Any Copywriting Skills
🚫 Any Content
🚫 Any Tech Skills
🚫 Any Sales Skills
🚫 You don't even need a large presence on Facebook™️ to get started.

Act now and get these

additional bonuses included for FREE...

These bonuses give you EVERYTHING you need to reach your goals EVEN FASTER!

Bonus #1: The Ultimate Funnel Shortcut

Over 50 templates & scripts to copy, paste & edit into your new funnels

✅ Facebook Ad Templates 

✅ Squeeze Page Templates 

✅ Sales Page Templates

✅ Up sell Page Templates 

✅ Thank You Page Templates

✅ Welcome Email Sequences

✅ Engagement Email Sequences 

✅ Sales Email Sequences  

✅ Webinar Email Sequences

✅ Webinar Scripts 

✅ VSL Scripts

✅ Easy Funnel Plan

✅ Landing Pages Ultimate Guide

✅ Landing Page Secret Hacks

✅ Sales Funnel Magic

✅ Offers That Kill!

✅ Client Avatar Worksheet

✅ 71 Lead Magnet Ideas

✅ Facebook Ad Swipes 

✅ 365 Day Social Media Plan 

If you were to pay a copywriter for all of these templates & scripts, it would cost you over $3000 alone.

Bonus #2: The Get Paid Upfront Funnel

The Get Paid Up Front Funnel is the ULTIMATE TOOL TO KEEP IN YOUR FUNNEL TOOLBOX  to generate more clients, customers and revenue using webinars, workshops & challenges.


Why? Because it allows you to get paid up front, before any one has even attended your event.

It gets rid of the tyre kickers, the freebie seekers and the time wasters.

Included are:

The GPUF Funnel Map, templates, email sequences & more.


This is my single highest performing funnel. EVER!

Bonus #3: Funnel Map File

My Favourite funnels all mapped out for you.


✅ Strategy Call Funnel

✅ Live Webinar Funnel

✅ Webinar Retargeting Funnel

✅ Free Book + Shipping Funnel

✅ Mini Class Funnel

✅ Lead Gen Upsell Funnel

✅ Chatbot Funnel

✅ High Ticket + Downsell Funnel


These funnels cover every eventuality.

Are you ready to effortlessly sell your digital products, courses & services every single day on autopilot?

✅ You will learn all about funnels.

✅ Why you need them and how to use them and which are the most effective.

✅ I'll show you how to use Facebook™ ads to send quality traffic to your funnels.

✅ You'll become a master at targeting your exact audience.

✅ Be able to run high level tests and increase your leads and sales without the guesswork that most people use (and fail at)

✅ You will be able to nurture your leads to turn them into repeat, paying customers that are crazy about you and your products or services

✅ AND you will learn how to use Facebook groups to land high-ticket clients without paying for ads or using expensive VA's


Even if...


🚫 You have little or no experience with online selling

🚫 You have tried this before & failed

🚫 You don't know where to start



Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to drive all the targeted traffic you want any time you want without wasting money... any time you want (or need to) - instantly?

Here's everything you get today with

The 6 Step Online Launch System

  • Step #1: The Beginning - Value $197
  • Step #2: The Advertiser - Value $197
  • Step #3: The Sniper - Value $197
  • Step#4: The Builder - Value $197
  • Step #5: The Rainmaker - Value $197
  • Step #6: Make Money from Groups - Value $197
  • Bonus #1: The Ultimate Funnel Shortcut - Value $3567
  • Bonus #2: The Get Paid Upfront Funnel - Value $1497
  • Bonus #3: Funnel Map File - Value $197



What others say about me....

When it comes to Facebook advertising and marketing, I was totally and utterly left confused. There was way too much contradictory advice coming from all sorts of experts.

I am not one for giving up easily. So just as I was about to hang up my gloves, I came across Adam Baetu. His 5-Day Lead Generation Machine Challenge has been an absolute godsend.

I then applied for his mastery programme and, luckily, I got accepted. This is a small group of highly motivated business-owners who are action-takers. Adam has been delivering powerful live sessions and clinics that have been informative, practical and a much-needed boost in confidence.

Contrary to what you might expect me to say. I don't think any random person should join the mastery programme. The people who are going to benefit most are those who make building their business a priority, who are action-takers and have the willingness to play their part. THIS is what makes Adam such a powerful coach, mentor and trainer.

Harun Rabani

Consultation, Coach and Mentor

I got so much more from this than I

a) expected and b) paid for.

Adam Baetu went out of his way to help me with all things I have no idea how to do!

Made my return on investment back from the cost of the course in about 3 days, it could’ve been 4 I don’t recall exactly.

All that aside - an all round top guy too ❤️👍🏻

Paul Tinker

The group has taught me more about setting my FB ads up in 2 days than I had worked out myself in 2 weeks

Andrew Bobbs

It’s been an a great journey so far. You delivered more value in the very first session than the price I paid!!


The results so far have been both measurable and worth every penny and then some. You are seriously undercharging!

Kam Johal

I don't really write testimonials. Mostly because I'm quite a hard bloke to please! I'm rarely blown away enough with peoples level of service or product to warrant me taking the time to do one. However, Adam has truly surpassed my expectations. I feel as though the attention i have received and the value i have received is far beyond the financial cost to me. Highly recommended, thanks Ad just what I needed.

Ash Anderson

Investing with Adam Baetu has delivered more than I expected. Facebook is the platform to advertise your business and to ensure you get the correct content to the right people in order for you to make your business successful.

If you're serious about taking your business to another level you need to ensure you understand how to market FB correctly. I made my money back with Adam's training in the first 48 hours👍🏻

Lee Simpson

I was struggling to have a plan on my Facebook advertising for a while. But since joining, Adam has given me so much insight and direction. Great job

Anup Shah

No more stressing about what to do next or in what order to do things.


No more worry about Facebook™ Ads that aren't working.


No more concern over the tech and how to build funnels. 

Imagine if..


You're running Facebook™ Ads that convert and you're mitigating the ad spend.


Every time you login to your tech system, your email list has grown by hundreds of the right people!


You now have an audience of people who are ready and waiting to buy your next offer!


You've FINALLY automated your marketing and introduced a digital product funnel!


So now you wake up to multiple "you got a new sale" notifications on your phone, every single day!




100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

This is a no risk investment.

You've got this! But I get it, sometimes even the smallest of investments make you think twice, so I'm removing all of the risk.


Because if you jump in to this amazing bundle today, you are 100% covered by my ironclad, 7-day money back guarantee.


If you think The 6 Step Online Launch System is not at least worth the tiny investment you are making today, just drop me an email and you will receive a refund in full, no questions asked!


Adam Baetu

Here's everything you get today with

The 6 Step Online Launch System

  • Step #1: The Beginning - Value $197
  • Step #2: The Advertiser - Value $197
  • Step #3: The Sniper - Value $197
  • Step#4: The Builder - Value $197
  • Step #5: The Rainmaker - Value $197
  • Step #6: Make Money from Groups - Value $197
  • Bonus #1: The Ultimate Funnel Shortcut - Value $3567
  • Bonus #2: The Get Paid Upfront Funnel - Value $1497
  • Bonus #3: Funnel Map File - Value $197



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